T-ShirtGate: A Response We Can Get Behind

votefuckerGiven the choice between "Voting is for old people" and "Voting rocks!", your average 18 year old would, with some justification, opt out of the political process entirely -- if he hadn't already. If the Harvard Institute for Politics (who came up with the latter, Flandersesque sentiment) was serious about countering the menace that is fake vintage casualwear, they really should have hired the impudent geniuses who came up with this riff on the now-might-as well-be-available-at-Wal-Mart Urban Outfitters irony trinket. Available in men's sizes and as a girly baby-doll tee. We totally heart it. our kind of shirtAnd if you scratch out the comma, it could also be a slogan for those of us who proudly fuck voters! (Kinda like that old hippie tee: "Girls say "yes" to men who say 'no.'") One minor suggestion: Considering the issues at stake, shouldn't they also offer a variation emblazoned with "Vote, Ass-F*cker"? It's just so important to get out the ass-fucker vote this year.

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