T-ShirtGate: Aluminum Foil Hat Edition

i'd fuck himWe've learned from readers that the "Voting is for old people" t-shirt sold by Urban Outfitters is not the harmless exercise in cheap corporate irony that it appears to be. Follow us down the rabbit hole, if you dare! It turns out that Urban Outfitters president Richard Hayne is not, as one might assume, a twentysomething snowboarder with a Strokes haircut and a "Free Tibet" bumpersticker. He's actually old. Worse, he's conservative. According to a Philadelphia Weekly story, Dick Hayne is really an "ardent Republican" who has contributed over $10,000 to right-wing health and safety nut Sentator Rick Santorum. See? See? It's not an ironic t-shirt, it's an "ironic" t-shirt. Haynes's next product (suggested by Santorum): "Dog fucking is for Democrats."

UPDATE: There is an existing line of Santorum t-shirts.

Clothes Make the Man [Philadelphia Weekly]

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