Toenail Fungus: One Cup Of This Will Get Rid Of It. Tabs, Fri., Aug. 21, 2020


The DNC and Joe Biden's audacity of hope: that despite everything, they think Americans are good. — Will Bunch at Inquirer

How Steve Bannon's "alleged" We Build the Wall scam worked, alleged hahahaha lolololol. (Vice) Will he flip? LOLOLOLOL I can't breathe, no, in a GOOD way. (Vice)

Liz linked to this yesterday, but it's going to take more of your time and attention, because HENGHHHHH????? Bannon's buddy, Badolato. (Herald Tribune)

A helpful list of all the rightwing figures who promoted WALL GRIFT 9000. (Media Matters)

Falwell's yacht use under scrutiny? Falwell's yacht use under scrutiny. — Politico

What is up with the LOLBOATS this week?

Chris Janson - "Buy Me A Boat" (Official Video)

A crowdsourced timeline of the US Postal Service enfuckening. (Emptywheel)

Rotting food and dead animals: We said it was enfuckened. — LA Times

Laura Loomer's horror show. — Slate

More QAnon crimes, again; this time, an Austin woman chasing "pedophiles" (a catering van with a woman and her daughter; a student) and ramming their vehicle with her car. (RightWingWatch)

How two British orthodontists became Incel World celebrities o.O — New York Times magazine

Oh hey, we forgot: People are still being unemployed, more, 1.1 million new claims this week. — Calculated Risk


McSweeney's does the 2020 Republican National Convention:

9:00 pm
The Creatures From Beyond the Mist scream the national anthem.

9:05 pm
Morgon, Devourer of Children, discusses his proposal to drastically decrease education spending.

9:20 pm

Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon congressional candidate, explains why COVID-19 can't be transmitted through the air because there is no such thing as "air."


Even Trump's website design is malicious. (Salon)

NICE TIME! Elizabeth Warren Is Prepared to Prosecute Trump. (The Nation)

Learn about Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and NOT-RACISTISM, courtesy of Katha Pollitt! — The Nation

Producer Christine Peters's 18-year relationship with Sumner Redstone as encapsulated in "We had lunch at the Bel-Air Hotel every day for almost three years, and then we'd go buy fish in the Valley at his dealer." Don't ever marry a terribly powerful man. The fish isn't why. The rest of it is why. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Old tab! How a controversial Florida Man blew up MoviePass and burned millions! — Business Insider

And the fake spy who fooled everyone and swindled millions. (Daily Beast)

We've got a nominee now, don't forget your Smokin' Joe or Old Handsome Joe tees, printed in my basement by Young Nice Son.

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