20 Unusual Signs Of High Intelligence. Tabs, Fri., Dec. 11, 2020

Tabs shorts by your friend Martini Ambassador! See the longer version in the comments!

Welcome to Reno's 911 parking garage hospital. (CNN)

How South Korea contact traced a kid who got coronavirus from 20 feet away from an infected woman for five minutes. (LA Times)

One (1) South Dakota city is not A Idiot. — BBC

Trump appointee's email demanding the CDC stop slandering the president or some shit, by putting out charts. It's a bad email! (Politico)

Like five Republicans are speaking out about Texas's insane lawsuit against "didn't vote for Trump." (CNN)

"You know who voted for you in Michigan, General Paxton? No one. Literally no one. So, stay in your lane, and stick to trying to disenfranchise voters in your own state. Don't come to mine." — Michigan AG Dana Nessel on MSNBC

Oh no, these Michigan voters are UNDEAD! (Bridge Michigan)

Depressing! On Coups. — Zeynep Tufekci at The Atlantic

Here's a pretty persuasive theory on the real reason Trump keeps threatening to veto the defense spending bill for weird reasons, and it comes down to "he's a dirty dirty money launderer." (Daily Beast)

GIVE KYLE RITTENHOUSE'S LAWYER (not Lin Wood) MILLIONS OF DOLLARS SO HE CAN DO LIBEL SUITS! Or maybe pay off some of the millions of dollars he owes to past clients and vendors, who can say. — Journal Sentinel

What Joe Biden can do to fix farming without Congress. Don't know how much of this will be done under Ag Sec Tom Vilsack. (The American Prospect) More on the Vilsack pick, which I continue to think is not awesome for all the reasons herein. (Politico)

Aretha, Toni Morrison, and Henrietta Lacks will live forever. — NBC New York

It very much sounds like Dianne Feinstein is having some age-related brain things. Yes, man senators get to go to their rewards after years or decades of being hauled around like Weekend at Bernie's, but that doesn't make it okay here. Sad story. (New Yorker)

Wonkette outlived another one, this time the well-funded The Correspondent. (Please send money.) — Via Nieman Lab

Check out this slick bunker pad below Vegas! (Wil Wheaton Tumblr)


The Color of the Year Is Go Fuck Yourself. Good headline, Defector. (Good post too.)

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