Where Are The Iconic 'Fixer Upper' Homes Now? Tabs, Fri., Nov. 13, 2020

Where Are The Iconic 'Fixer Upper' Homes Now? Tabs, Fri., Nov. 13, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador! See the archive at https://giphy.com/channel/antiderpomeme

Nothing to see here except what I assume is frontrunner for Trump's 2024 veep.

Nobody's gonna tell Kristi Noem not to kill all her citizens. And this absolutely still-shocking lie from her spox. — Daily Beast

Ivanka and Jared want you to know they're not crazy! They know he lost! They just have to humor the old man who is in charge of the entire world but apparently needs to be talked down from nuking us all or something, because he didn't get a thing he wants. (CNN)

"What began with a puckered asshole descending a gilt escalator in New York ended with his lawyer ranting next door to a 10th-rate merchant of buttplugs in Philadelphia. As far as American about-faces go, it's about as good as we could expect and arguably better than we deserve." — Michael Weiss at NewLines

Yes, the bullshits about the Pennsylvania lege seating its own electors would be very illegal, and it also wouldn't work. Here is some law science at ya! — Washington Post

Poor Trump lawyers. Again. (Law & Crime) A twitter thread on same! (Twitter)

Here's a wacky Trump lawsuit: In order to keep Georgia voters from having their votes "diluted," a judge must invalidate all the ballots from all the counties that went for Joe Biden. Black dude tapping his temple dot gif.(Wacky Trump lawsuit)

Is the House going to keep investigating Trump? Maybe! — Business Insider

Trump is holding his own Republican Senate hostage. Maybe they should think about all their life choices. (CNN)

How to unfucken the vastly fucked DOJ. — Ankush Khardori at The New Republic

Elizabeth Warren has some plans for Joe Biden's first day! (Washington Post)

I think Meg Whitman has lousy judgment, and if Joe Biden is thinking about hiring her for anything, he shouldn't! The last days of Quibi, the $2 billion streaming platform that didn't even last six months. (The Verge)

Let's all read about Rep. Marcia Fudge! (House bio)

QAnon discussed by a video game designer. This will learn you stuff like "apophenia"! — Medium

Thank you for your service.

And as we come up on Thanksgiving, a wonderful old learn-a-thing about the lies we all learned about cowboys & Indians and the "founding" of America, in Cracked!

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