The Pioneer Woman Has Been Feeding Us LIES! Tabs, Fri., Oct. 16, 2020

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Jesus Christ, DiFi.

How the Court works backward from the outcome it wants to the skimpy justification for it in voting cases, when it deigns to explain them at all. — Pareene at The New Republic

Why won't Nancy Pelosi make a deal??? Oh right, Mitch McConnell will do absolutely no deal. Thank god there's a woman to blame. (Forbes) Donald Trump says his "pride" won't let her get anything for states who've spent all their money on coronavirus, so, cool. (HuffPost)

Of course we all already know that McConnell and his cohort won't pass more stimulus because they want to give President-Elect Biden a depression for Christmas, but if you have some WaPo stories left and need it explained to you, here you go! — Washington Post

Republican courts are overturning literally centuries of jurisprudence acknowledging "public health" laws as correct and just, along with laws of many decades' standing that specifically permit the government to mandate public safety measures like quarantines, because that's what Trump wants. So, you know, "legislating from the bench" or whatever, shruggy emoticon. — New York Times

Coronavirus's feminist nightmare. — Anne Helen Petersen at MSNBC

An excellent splainer (of course) by David Corn on the hilarious fake Hunter Biden laptop story, but this is the one piece of information I haven't seen at all elsewhere:

An accompanying Post article asserts that Hunter Biden tried to exploit his father's visit to Ukraine, but a memo written by Hunter that the story cites shows Hunter telling his business partner that "what [Biden] will say and do is out of our hands" and that they should "temper expectations" about the visit—which undercuts the claim that Biden used his office to help or protect his son. In that memo, Hunter also states that his Ukrainian associates "need to know in no uncertain terms that we will not and cannot intervene directly with domestic policy makers"—in other words, he won't use his influence with dad. The Post's story does not report that.

David Corn at Mother Jones

What's the Venn diagram of people freaking out about FREE SPEECH for the New York Post on Twitter and the US government exercising prior restraint on private speech by private companies?

The Labor Department has already rolled out a hotline for tips about noncompliance. The department's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs will also require that federal contractors and subcontractors send in for review the content of diversity and inclusion training programs as well as their duration and expense.

New York Times

He's always been jealous of Duterte.

Of course Felix Sater has explanations for those $100 million in SARS reports from the FINCEN files, he just might not remember what they all are! (Buzzfeed)

Here's what it looks like when Republican citizen "ballot task forces" monitor the polls. — Kevin Kruse at MSNBC

NPR public editor says nicely, politely, NPR needs to be a little less nice, polite. (NPR)

McMansion Hell visits 1976. — McMansion Hell

Wuthering Heights is for sale. I'll take it. — Food and Wine

The best art and writing retreats around the world. I'll take them. Except without any of the workshops or teachers or other people. (Lonely Planet)

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