Brides Gone Wild: Bridesmaids Spill Their Craziest Bridezilla Stories! Tabs, Mon., Aug. 17, 2020

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What Americans should learn from Belarus. (Washington Post)

The post office shit is OUT OF CONTROL. They removed (from Dem areas) mail sorting machines that do 21 million pieces of mail PER HOUR and bleach-bitted them and threw them in the actual garbage and shit. (Vice) Postal Service IG, pretty much all the blue state attorneys general, all up in it. (Daily Beast) Even Arizona getting into the act. (I checked. She's a Dem. Still.)

And the most conservadem:

Here's some polls! (NBC News)

A "rising stars" JOINT keynote address, DNC? Only if they do it all Children of the Corn speaking in unison. (I assume they do that in Children of the Corn. Who even knows, not me!) — CNN

Fauci says he's never seen disease being politicized like this. None of us has ever seen anything like this. (Huffpost)

Remember like four days or 19 years ago, when Robyn wrote about the lady on trial for trying to kidnap her kid from "trafficking" in foster care? Yeah, there's a whoooole bunch of them.

Inspired by videos he had watched online, Slyman warned his children during the chase that the police were coming to abduct them—or maybe just shoot them in a staged killing. In return, they begged him to pull over. His daughter even tried to grab the wheel of the minivan and drive it off the road after he accused her and his wife, who had dived out of the vehicle at the start of the chase, of being agents of the nefarious cabal that QAnon believers say controls the world.

"They want to make us crazy," Slyman said, "but I'm not crazy. My wife and my daughter were a part of it."

Desperate, Slyman's daughter told her father she was working for the mythical cabal in a failed attempt to scare him into stopping the minivan. Then Slyman told his children, who ranged from 8 months to 13 years old, about the QAnon belief that a video of Hillary Clinton and aide Huma Abedin eating childrens' brains was discovered on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

:( — Daily Beast

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger not shutting up about QAnon (no, in a good way; he's the only GOPper not actively welcoming/shitscared of the QAnon loonies, even after Trump campaign shitted all over him for it. (Politico)

Andy Kroll takes on the true story of the Seth Rich truthers, like maybe some QAnon loonies about to be in Congress. (Rolling Stone)

How bad was the Beirut explosion? — Reuters

The real life true story of the complicated friendship of Joe and Bamz, I don't know, I haven't read it, it's Politico, maybe it is true or maybe it is a little bitch or maybe it is both. (Politico)

LOL fuckin' Joe.

The oral history of Sex and the City's SPLAT. — New York mag

The Secret History of Ronald Reagan's Letters. Guess what? Rick Perlstein says Ronald Reagan was a big dummy. Could it be TRUE???? (The New Republic)


Brought to Mexico in chains, Gaspar Yanga and his followers staged a bloody rebellion. Wait, what now Donnell Alexander in an old tab from Medium?

Also, the Underground Railroad to Mexico? (History)

Lemony chicken with fennel and tomato, yes thank you Bon Appetit.

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