Why Is A Woman In Love Like A Welder? Tabs, Mon., Jan. 24, 2022
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How to spot long COVID symptoms and perhaps distinguish from the general crushing depression we’re all experiencing in a post-Betty White, post-Bob Saget, post-Louis Anderson, post-Meat Loaf world. (Vox)

Not sure that Richard Hasen gets that Mitch McConnell is evil and will never help pass any form of voting rights legislation. (Slate)

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed lawsuits Friday against school districts he suspects are trying to keep students alive. (NPR)

M&M’s are getting a modern makeover. Based on how corporate America operates, “modern” likely means whatever was cool when "Uptown Funk" topped the charts. (Twitter)

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is such a predictable right-wing hack that his wife Ginni Thomas’s political activism likely doesn’t shift his vote that much. Still, it’s sketchy AF. (Washington Post)

When Donald Trump got that coup feeling, he wasn’t in the mood for “National Healing.” (Politico)

Texas man who believes Trump’s Big Lie posted a deranged Craigslist message stating it was “time to kill” a Georgia elections official. (The Daily Beast)

Never Trump conservative Amanda Carpenter wonders how low Ron DeSantis will go to appease the MAGA mob. I think he’s a moral limbo champion. (Orlando Sentinel)

Never Trump conservative Tim Miller — I swear this is the last one I’m citing in today’s Tabs — remarked last month that liberal resentment of Senator Joe Manchin only makes him more popular in West Virginia. The problem is that West Virginia is a single state with four electoral votes, and President Lord Emperor God Manchin helping drag down Democratic approval across the nation. (The Bulwark)

Washington, DC’s lack of congressional representation remains a sore point. (The Nation)

Kanye West seems to think he has a “legacy.” I mean, I think “Flashing Lights” is a cool song and all, but still ... (LA Times)

The Batman expects you to sit in a movie theater during a pandemic for almost three hours. (Variety)

My son, who’s almost 8, prefers the Adam West Batman movie and series. He’s not interested in a Batman without Robin. He thinks the Boy Wonder’s the star of the show.


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