Taylor Swift Fans Attack Burger King Over Tweets! Tabs, Mon., June 1, 2020

Taylor Swift Fans Attack Burger King Over Tweets! Tabs, Mon., June 1, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador

POTUS in a bunker I know I know it's serious. — AP

Ok who had "barnburner speech by Doug Jones" in the pool?

The wife of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis cop who killed George Floyd, has filed for divorce. Good for her. (Daily Kos)

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison will be handling this prosecution now, thank you Mr. Useless Hennepin County Prosecutor. (CNN)

Cops pepper-sprayed Rep. Joyce Beatty. (NBC4i)

And targeted a whole bunch of journalists, including our girl Killer Martinis. (We'll let you know when we find a gofundme for her.) — Vox

Somebody has thoughts. They are bad thoughts.

Split a donation across 30 cities' bail funds. — ActBlue

This made me cry a tiny: Cops joining the protests or taking a knee. (Forbes)

This made me cry a lot more than that. Literal trigger warning.

Why do good cops say nothing when bad cops go "rogue"? — Miami Herald

Quarantine DELICIOUS after 17 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Tissues UP. (LA Times)

Weird as hell: The COVID-19 patients who have had symptoms for months. — Oldish tab, Guardian

Bad state data hides coronavirus threat as Trump pushes to reopen. (Politico)

A tale of two crises: Billionaires vs. workers. — Americans for Tax Fairness report

Law and order credentials no long in vogue for VP shortlist. Thank the lord. You can imagine them saying quite the opposite, for "suburbs." (We still think "Kamala is a cop" is so completely unfair; sure, if you mean "the first cop to make her officers wear body cams.") (Politico)

Black protest organizers enraged by white agitators fucking things up. — Daily Beast

"I will miss what I wanted to lose." Roseanne Cash on missing life on the road. (Atlantic)

How private jet owners got their stimmy. — NBC News

Forbes takes it personally when you lie about your net worth (ask Donald Trump!), and now it's got its sights on ... Kylie Jenner. So! — Forbes

Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killing's about page.

You should probably have a stabby kitty potholder. I bought all of them, luckily they made more. OH! Stabby Kitty sold out again. Use the "message shopkeeper" function and she'll make you one special. (Etsy)

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