Real Stories Of Called-Off Weddings! Tabs, Mon., June 8, 2020

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Buncha doctors explain the "deliberate obfuscation" that was the George Floyd autopsy that said there were no signs of asphyxiation. Thank you, doctors. — Scientific American

Lot — lot — of police brutality continuing. Here's a San Jose man who trains police on bias getting shot by them in "the groin" while his hands are up and he's begging them to stop wilding. (ABC7)

As of yesterday, Bakersfield PD still had not arrested Timothy Keith Moore, who ran down a protester and killed him, after which they let him stand around smoking cigarettes with his visible 14/88 tattoo. They're still "investigating." (BakersfieldNow)

Michael Herriot ... well, read it. — The Root

Minneapolis's Third Precinct has been a 'playground' for police brutality for a long time. (Star Tribune)

Hey, y'all see the video of the guy with the chainsaw chasing protesters and screaming "N***r"? Well, former Trump comms person and current Trump campaign person Mercedes Schlapp thought it was so awesome she just had to share. (Politico)

The day Ferguson cops were caught in a bloody lie. — Old tab from 2017, Daily Beast

What does it mean to defund the police? A Guardian splainer.

How Native Americans got police reform in Washington state. (Crosscut)

The KPop peoples and their derailing white supremacist hashtags and police apps, explained! — New Yorker

How the baseless Antifa rumors are spreading. (NBC News)

Are the white supremacist rumors baseless too? Doesn't seem like it, per these neighborhood watch guys — gang members, bikers, black and white businessmen and residents united — seeing weird shit in Minneapolis. Fascinating Daily Beast

Former Marine commandant: It's long past time to stop this shit, America. (Task & Purpose)

Current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley seems like a real dick. — New Yorker

Pentagon ordered medical helicopters to intimidate peaceful protesters. Is that against the law? That is against the law. (New York Times)

Here's an old tab in which our Jamie Lynn Crofts, in her job at the ACLU West Virginia, helps a Catholic Worker continue to serve the homeless. Yay! — National Catholic Reporter

Trump's very bad sad week behind his new White House wall. — Ticktock by CNN

Trumpworld thrilled their poll numbers aren't worse. (Daily Beast)

The Washington Post explains the May unemployment numbers' "misclassification error" that should have the unemployment rate about 3 percent higher than it is, but says (per Obama people) that this was 100 percent not an intentional fucking of the data by Trump people.

What do you take me for, someone who won't click a dumb clickbait link about the truth behind Love It Or List It? How does it feel to be so wrong?

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