This Hot New Restaurant Serves French Fries As An Entree. Tabs, Mon., March 1, 2021
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is giving the all-clear for Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot COVID-19 vaccine. I’d feel safer with two shots, but I’m also drawn to the convenience of one. (Washington Post)

It’s a tale of two pandemics in Los Angeles. But you don’t need Charles Dickens to tell you that the rich have an easier time avoiding the virus than the poor.

Some areas — the Eastside, eastern San Fernando Valley, South L.A. and southeastern part of the county — have been devastated by the coronavirus. Many of these are low-income communities with a high number of residents who are essential workers, putting their lives at risk at supermarkets, manufacturing firms and other businesses. They are far more likely to live in overcrowded conditions, bringing the coronavirus home from work and spreading it among the household

This appalling inequality is all the more reason we need to raise the minimum wage. People literally sacrificed their health so everyone else can maintain easy access to chicken fingers. That’s worth $15 an hour. (Los Angeles Times)

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown breaks it down on "Meet the Press."

Here’s some good news: The COVID-19 relief bill has a much-needed fix to the Affordable Care Act. (The Economist)

Three Alaskan villages are approaching herd immunity but without a single reported case of COVID-19. (Alaska Public)

South Dakota's horrible, coronavirus-spreading Governor Kristi Noem received a standing ovation at the Conservative Political Action Conference when she attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci. (Politico)

"Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan read Noem for filth the next day but in an objective, journalistic manner. (Vox)

People are stealing outdoor heat lamps from restaurants. I feel guilty if I take home extra packets of soy sauce. (Eater)

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is waiving the one-time annual liquor license fee for recovering restaurants. Good move. (KXLY)

Oregonians reflect on one-year with the coronavirus. Spoiler Alert: It sucked. (Portland Monthly)

Maybe we need a permanent stimulus to survive our regularly schedule climate change-related disasters. (New Republic)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo apologized Sunday for possibly, maybe making inappropriate remarks that could "have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation" to a young female aide. Sigh. (New York Times)

Read this story about Amazon’s union-busting activities. (The Nation)

Oh, and check out how Amazon’s employment practices are hardly a model of inclusivity.

Some of those who spoke to Recode recounted what they saw as biased interactions inside Amazon's corporate offices, including a white male manager who told a Black female employee, unprompted, that his ancestors "owned slaves but I'm pretty sure they were good to their slaves." Others described microaggressions like being called out by managers and peers for not smiling or being friendly enough.

This is all very terrible but not that shocking. (Recode)

Buddies Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen have their own podcast. That’s adorable. (New Yorker)

Emma Corrin won a Golden Globe for her performance as Diana, Princess of Wales, on The Crown. Corrin was especially good when she was reacting, like this scene when Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles have lunch. (Variety)

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