Celebrity Home Features So Ridiculous You'll Raise An Eyebrow! Tabs, Mon., May 17, 2021

Celebrity Home Features So Ridiculous You'll Raise An Eyebrow! Tabs, Mon., May 17, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Plenty of COVID vaxx carrots. What we need is a stick. (CNN)

The Joel Greenberg plea deal. (Plea)

Now that is a lede I like to read:

Senate Republicans dramatically changed their party rules to take a hard line on the debt limit in the coming months. Democrats don't care.

Thank you, Politico!

"US Welcome Patrol"? I love it, let's do it, thank you disgruntled Border Patrol agents! (Reuters)


(5) The single strongest predictor of where the insurrectionists came from was the relative decline in recent years in the percentage of the county's population made up of non-Hispanic whites.

Lawyers Guns & Money

Relevant too also! Trump's CBP was busy flagging journalists and immigration lawyers to its counterterrorism unit for interrogation, upside down smile emoji. (ProPublica)

Constant police killings are really fucking bad for Black Americans' mental health. (Harvard Gazette)

You see this picture of Johnny Cash's first wife, Vivian, and you say OF COURSE she was Black! And so did the KKK. She apparently didn't know her great great grandmother was an enslaved woman; Henry Louis Gates did the DNA and genealogy only this year, for her daughter Roseanne Cash. Johnny Cash, of course, was a terrible husband, and she loved him always. — Washington Post

Hairbeads: illegal softball equipment. (CNN)

These two brothers, who are both mentally disabled and were coerced into confessing, just got $75 million for being wrongfully imprisoned for someone else's murder for all the years of their lives. I bet they'd rather have the years than the money. — News and Observer

Proud Boy leader peener Enrique Tarrio took $15,000 in PPP small business funds for his "security services." These fucking people. (Guardian)

"The antinomian heuristic advocated by Hamblin is an intellectual dead-end in an academic setting, but in the hands of an aspiring dictator like Donald Trump, it is wonderfully useful" is a sentence I just read, and you can too! (Flux)

Is Worcestershire sauce made from fish? Yes, Worcestershire sauce is made from fish. — HuffPost

Twenty-six-foot-dick man probably only 1000 years old. (Smithsonian Mag)

Let's all run across the menopause bridge! — Dr. Jennifer Gunter at Globe and Mail

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