This Is How You're Bringing Bad Feng Shui Into Your Home! Tabs, Mon., May 24, 2021

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Biden fixing the CFPB after Trump literally told businesses they could continue to "abuse" customers because what even is abuse, it is too hard to say, nobody knows LOL. — LA Times

Here is a depressing essay about our near-term future with the Republicans stealing everything that's not nailed down :) — Perry Bacon at Washington Post

Noah Smith: Not as depressing! (NoahPinion)

The press is ginning up Biden "crises" because they are stupid and terrible at their jobs. (This really isn't about the depressing columns above, as they are talking about real things Republicans are doing, not fake things WaPo and Politico are making up.) (Eric Boehlert Press Run and Eric Boehlert Press Run)

Well of course you've all already seen it. Let's see it again!

Now they got a record contraaaaact. — LA Times

Department of Homeland Security cut the contracts of some abusive private detention centers, including the one that was allegedly Dr. Mengele-ing women's uteruses. It's a fuck-bummer of a topic, but it's still excellent news, and it's specifically predicated on a DHS that says it will now do "human rights." Wouldn't that fucking be nice. (Intercept)


The right to bear arms is the right to make armed threats, and other points about the current GOP. — Digby's Blog

Household debt in America: I got a BINGO! (I pay off my credit cards every month though, because I am a "deadbeat.") (Visualize Debt)

Four-hundred pound salmon? CAMELS?!?! "I Was Looking at the Bones of Great Beasts." — SFGate

The absolutely bizarre history of Kenneth what is the frequency. (Dangerous Minds)

Clean your washing machine, you are killing it! How to Make Your Washer and Dryer Last Longer. — Consumer Reports

I will eat the hell out of this "vegetable and orzo tian," and I want the cookbook too. (Zabars)

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