Divorce Lawyers Tell About Their Ugliest Cases! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 16, 2020

Divorce Lawyers Tell About Their Ugliest Cases! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 16, 2020
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The Minnesota GOP told its own caucus but didn't inform Democrats when its members got sick. "Pro-life." (Star Tribune)

This LA Times story thoroughly and well explains the Health Department contact tracing report of the wedding in Maine that killed seven people who weren't even there. Rightwingers' response isn't to read it, but to mock the very idea of "infectious disease." (LA Times)

Which makes this story about the private homecoming dance in Missouri, where the grown-ups go on Facebook and say the problem isn't the outbreak but the kids who "snitched" on their friends, and that if anybody tried to contact trace them it would be akin to the Holocaust and they'd reply with the "Second Amendment," even more fucking upsetting. (Daily Beast)

What is going on in hospitals all over the country during this unprecedented third wave. — The Atlantic

Listen to Connie Schultz: Please cancel your Thanksgiving so we can be here next year. — Creators

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer SHUTTIN' IT DOWN like a ... person who cares about the citizens of her state, good job Gov. Whitmer! (Twitter)

What, "Stop the Steal" can be traced back to Roger Stone and Steve Bannon, you say? Well I never! (CNN)

Why Stop the Steal flopped. — Melissa Ryan at Medium


Which makes Donald Trump a bit like Batkid, the young cancer patient on whose behalf the city San Francisco and the Make-a-Wish Foundation once staged a full day of make-believe superheroism—if roughly 40 percent of the residents of San Francisco genuinely believed the charade was real, believed Batkid was their only chance to stop the forces of evil descending on their city, and couldn't understand why the media kept claiming The Riddler had fairly defeated him and would soon be in charge.

Pareene at The New Republic

Let's talk to Karen Bass about maybe taking Kamala Harris's seat! (Personally, I think she's the only choice for House speaker when Nancy Pelosi hangs it up, having honed her skills on the cat herd that is the California Assembly.) — 19th News

DACA's back, back again, DACA's back, tell a friend! After a judge decided DHS head Chad Wolf served illegally, shame that. Now young people can apply for the first time in three years. (Wall Street Journal)

Plus? Judge pissed yo.

Two metal-detector enthusiasts discovered a Viking hoard. It was worth a fortune—but it became a nightmare. Oh, *click*, The New Yorker. *Click!*

Ladies and gentlemen, these AirBnBs! — Business Insider

Ladies and gentlemen, the Donald J. Trump Library! (DJTrumpLibrary)

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