Awesome Baby Names You Have Probably Never Heard Of! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 30, 2020

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Hey look at the piece of shit at the tiny desk.

Or see the longer version where he goes the fuck on about his very good proof like "Joe Biden beat Obama in swing states but lost to Obama in not swing states" at CNN.


In the end, it wasn't a senator or a judge or a general who stood up to the leader of the free world. There was no dramatic, made-for-Hollywood collision of cosmic egos. Rather, the death knell of Trump's presidency was sounded by a baby-faced lawyer, looking over his glasses on a grainy Zoom feed on a gloomy Monday afternoon, reading from a statement that reflected a courage and moral clarity that has gone AWOL from his party, pleading with the tens of thousands of people watching online to understand that some lines can never be uncrossed.


The Supreme Court got shitty Wednesday night on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's COVID restrictions. Sonia Sotomayor rips their faces off. (Law & Crime)

Scott Lemieux rips some faces too. — Lawyers Guns and Money

The Supreme Court, killing people since November 2020. (CNN)

The Third Circuit got awesome on ... Friday I think? Friday ... with its panel of Republicans punching Trump and Giuliani in the face. — Politico

Romancing the Runoff. Stacey Abrams moonlights as a romance writer, so her fellow romance writers pitched in for an auction to help her KEEP Georgia blue. Bidding goes through Dec. 1, which is just about NOW, for the one priceless item that's left. [Background at Bustle / auction]

How Rev. Raphael Warnock used his pulpit to fight AIDS. — Daily Beast

This is ... well, it is.

Y'all see this little shiny bauble? How President of the Senate Kamala Harris can throat-punch Moscow Mitch. Nobody's sure but ... maaaaybe? (Newsflector)

You want to understand Biden voters, right all? Here's your reading list. (Washington Post)

A judge told ICE it couldn't deport kids back to Guatemala. Guess who did it anyway. — Buzzfeed

A long long thing about mason jars. (Medium)

We're going to enjoy this cocaine-fueled mason jar rocket ride for as long as it lasts. — The Onion

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins has died. Here is Joy Reid's appreciation ... and her calling the fuck out of the racist rat bastards at the NYPD. — MSNBC

And Chris Hayes nice times the United Farm Workers! (MSNBC)

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