You're Not Drinking Enough Water And Here's How To Tell! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 8, 2021

You're Not Drinking Enough Water And Here's How To Tell! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 8, 2021

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Unvaxxed teens are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID than vaxxed teens, and almost 200 kids 11 and under have died of COVID. Vaccinate your five-and-ups NOW, friends! (MTPR)

A happy analysis from Tom Perriello on how all the different parts of the Democratic caucus won with the infrastructure bill. — Blue Virginia

Brian Beutler says there's a "horrifying mismatch" between the made up threats people are voting on vs. the real threats they're not. This is a problem that must be solved.(Crooked) Joe Biden, go on offense! (Faiz Shakir at The New Republic)

Roy Edroso on "CRT" (it doesn't matter that it's not CRT, what matters is that now they're banning Toni Morrison, which to them is CRT) as the new Red Scare. — Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

Heather Cox Richardson splainers: That "socialism" they're weeping and tearing their hair out is the same thing they said when Black men started voting (for a while) after the Civil War. "Socialism" then meant roads and prosthetics for wounded veterans and not letting industrialists paint candy with lead.

This is very good. Parker Molloy on how Tea Partiers felt like their taxes went up when Obama cut them, and how the milk people feel like they're being squeezed while Joe Biden shovels them cash. (The Present Age)

The goddamn Kyle Rittenhouse judge is just going for it.Liz at ATL

Aaron Rodgers got WITCH-HUNTED, and now he is sad :( — Lawyers Guns & Money

Ninety percent of the education professionals at the Montana state Office of Public Instruction have left in the five years since Elsie Arntzen (R - CRAZY EYES) became superintendent of schools. A fifth to a quarter of jobs remain unfilled, sometimes for more than a year. Is that bad? Of course it isn't. You don't want education professionals at the Office of Public Instruction. (Montana Free Press)

Now I'm on an Aimee Mann kick, which means you are too!

Business Insider on Gen X's finances: We're making the most money right now, and we're also spending it on our kids, grandkids, and parents, as well as mortgages (houses are nice! good for us) and student loans, still. Business Insider forgot to mention we suck and we're all Reagan Youth.

Top baby names for 2021! A mix of fab old 1940s actress names (your Olivias, Avas, Lillians, and Sofias, already popular) and, like, "Ryleigh" and "Everleigh." No Bible names for girls, only Bible names for boys. Names are weird. (BabyCenter)

Look at all these professional chefs trying to bullshit Kelly Conaboy in her investigation: "Bay Leaves: Bullshit?" (The Awl RIP)

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