40 Cats Being Love-Smothered By Dogs! Tabs, Mon., Sept. 20, 2021

40 Cats Being Love-Smothered By Dogs! Tabs, Mon., Sept. 20, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Trumpy First Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress ain't signing your "religious" exemption from getting vaccinated, because it is bullshit. And you guys aren't going to believe this one: "Jeffress, who is vaccinated, also has compared his positions on vaccination and abortion: 'We talk about life inside the womb being a gift from God,' he said on Fox News. 'Well, life outside the womb is a gift from God, too.'" Sorry, got to lie down now. (Dallas Morning News)

Aw fuck, this is a sad one. He was a good dad. Connie Schultz tells the story. (USA Today)

"I walked into the lion's den every day — she walks into a bunch of kittens." Waaaah, Sean Spicer, waaaah! Does he bitch more? Does he ever! Are the "gloves off"? Let's go to the transcript: "WAAAAAH." — LGBTQ Nation

Capitol Police who turned in Capitol Police for being 1/6 pieces of shit. (CNN)

A judge in Virginia — a former Republican Party committee chair — jailed a woman who was the victim in a felony domestic abuse case, because she had smoked pot that morning before testifying that afternoon. Marijuana is legal in Virginia. (Virginia Mercury)

A very good and very depressing profile of Tucker Carlson: How the guy who once sort of wanted to be a serious conservative ended up remaking himself for a post-truth America. (He was always racist though.) — Alex Shepherd at The New Republic

This lady would be appalled at the child porn assigned to high school students in Ohio, except the mayor was lying and that's not what happened. (Ordinary Times)

When guns are outlawed at baby showers in arguments over baby shower gifts, only outlaws will have guns at baby showers in arguments over baby shower gifts. — CNN

Public benefits for singles mothers fuuuuucked. (ProPublica)

Holy Mary, mother of God, this Chowchilla bus kidnapping story — I was three, so obviously never heard of it until now — is so immediately and beautifully written by Kaleb Horton. I'd say "treat yourself," but it's not that kind of a treat. (Vox)

Please watch "Ghosts" with me so we can all talk about the Caveman and Kitty, who are obviously the two best ghosts, it is hilarious and it's on HBO and looks like Amazon and Hulu maybe and also everywhere else too. Will "Ghosts" return for a fourth season, this article doesn't know. — Radio Times

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