60 Beautiful Abandoned Places That Leaves One Intrigued With Mystery. Tabs, Thurs., April 23, 2020

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X has its first new album in 35 years! And I don't like it, or at least the fast video that's included in the interview :( (LA Times)

Let's leave aside Exene's mass-shootings-are-false-flags, click on this actual for real interview I did with Billy Zoom that everybody assumed was fake but was not, and listen to Los Angeles!

X - Los Angeles www.youtube.com

The president is ... mad? ... because the Republican governor of Maryland bought test kits from South Korea after the president said the governors were in charge of testing. I don't get it either. (Vox)

Amanda Marcotte puzzles it out HEY DUMMIES HE DOESN'T WANT YOU TO GET TESTS AND HE HASN'T FROM THE BEGINNING. I have said this, every day, too, also. (Salon)

Er, while we are on tests, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar does not seem to have covered himself in glory. Of course, none of them did, but man, really not him. #bestpeople (Wall Street Journal)

Oh, this guy might have been #bestpeople, because he said hydroxychloroquine, which kills people when it is misprescribed, needed vetting when that wasn't what Donald Trump wanted to hear. He was "abruptly" relieved of his duties. Dr. Rick Bright pissssssed yo. (New York Times)

Look who's not talking about hydroxychloroquine hardly at all anymore, it is Fox News, weird! — Washington Post

Look who's not showing up in person at the reopen America rallies, it is Fox News hosts, weird! — Eric Boehlert, PressRun

Salt Lake Tribune doesn't name people who haven't been charged with crimes, so the guy who threatened to maybe murder Salt Lake's mayor, said there was a civil war coming Saturday, and then bailed out of jail could be any of your neighbors and I guess you will just have to not know and not find out. (SLTrib)

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is a lunatic. — Rolling Stone

Goodman, others who want to reopen would be making a "deadly error." (Washington Post)

Your boss reopening in Georgia? Then you are no longer considered unemployed if you choose not to go to the death office. Because that's liberty. And freedom. And somehow it only accrues to the boss. (AJC)

Fun new coronavirus symptom of the day: massive strokes in youngish people. — CNN

Got an idiot brother-in-law who still needs splaining that this is not the flu? Here, let the Republicans at National Review tell him, IDIOT.

The Ethicist says fuck it, he gets to lose your friendship if he's gonna keep being IDIOT. — NYT

Judd Legum gives you the dirty, disgusting numbers on all the millionaire CEOs who just took PPP cash meant for "small businesses." And then gave themselves bonuses. And then didn't hire back any of the people they laid off anyway. — Popular Info

Jordan Weissmann at Slate is right: The stimmy bills are inadequate because only one party cares about what happens to the country, and you can't take hostages with people who'd just as soon as shoot the hostages.

President Tantrum Baby is bored. (NBC)

A terrific piece by Reuters spends a day in the life of the four perfectly multicultural female undertakers of Harlem.

I am an oil tycoon, you see! But you are rich in something that I am not: not having oil. Your tank not full of gasoline is worth untold fortune. I, an oilman, will pay you for it, if you will only fill it with my oil. Yes, in shiny new silver dollars that will ring in your palm! It will be the making of you, my boy! — Alexandra Petri, as always, at Washington Post

Salad dressings! — Food and Wine

Let's watch Tears for Fears guy and his lovely daughter do "Mad World."

Mad World performed by Curt Smith of Tears For Fears youtu.be

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