The Fine Art Of Being A Good Hotel Guest! Tabs, Thurs., April 28, 2022

The Fine Art Of Being A Good Hotel Guest! Tabs, Thurs., April 28, 2022
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Dr. Fauci says pandemic's over, which is actually not at all what he said, but he was a little confusing about it. (Seriously.) Great news is we seem to be at about 10 percent of the last wave's hospitalizations and deaths, if I'm doing the math right which is up in the air since I'm not actually paying much attention to what I'm doing right now, which is great news. But that topline is not the whole story, which is many more paragraphs of nuance than that. (Washington Post free link)

How are there so many goddamn cardiologists, lab owners, hospital pharmacy directors, hospice owners, and others being total fuckin crimey shitbirds? MAD AT YOU, SHITBIRDS. (Department of Justice)

Oh lord:

Later, as our family began making plans to gather once we’d all gotten the shot, I learned that Sue’s own son had refused the vaccine. I struggled to comprehend this news. I knew, of course, that anti-vaxxers existed; I mean, I live in Texas. I might even have told you that if anyone fit the profile for an anti-vaxxer, it was this man. But to rebuke your beloved mother’s dying wish? This dying wish? I kept coming back to one word: grim. How grim this world, where ignorance and misinformation and selfishness win out not just over science and reason, but over love.

Andrea Grimes at Dame mag

I guess it's good that this guy's only a congressman instead of a brigadier general anymore? But who in ONI was telling Rep. Scott Perry that CIA chief Gina Haspel was making egg foo yung out of all the ballots? (CNN)

Woke Neil Gorsuch. Seriously. — The New Republic

There were suicides and the kids needed mental help. The rightwing school board said fuck you, because the proposed mental health center might say it's okay to be gay. We expect this kind of headfuck in the South; this was in Connecticut. (Ridgefield Press)

A ton of pushback from pretty much every civil liberties group against Gavin Newsom's proposed "CARE court," for being "coercive" and "mental health services first instead of housing first." And here's one of the places I break with the civil liberties groups and any of the type of activists who call shelters "internment camps." It's not fucking okay to have tens of thousands of people shitting on the street. It's not okay for them, and it's not okay for society. And when people are really really really out of their minds, they by definition can't make good decisions for their autonomy, and should have someone else help with that. [SB 1338 / Human Rights Watch against]

What did extremely extreme lunatic Michigan Rep. (and husband to the state GOP chair) Matt Maddock do to get thrown out of the Republican caucus? Nobody's saying, which is VERY ????? — Detroit Free Press

I have seen not one second of the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, I guess because I don't want to watch a man I used to think was swell until I believed the woman who said he beat her ass. But apparently the internet thinks he's the victim. This column doesn't really bring any evidence to bear one way or the other; it just focuses on his fans and their social media squawking, which is annoying. (Mel Magazine)

Tennessee House approved a bill to burn school library books or some shit, or at least that's what the men voting for it said they'd like to do while they voted for it. — WSMV

"In new deposition transcripts, Trump defended encouraging rally attendees to beat up hypothetical protesters wielding tomatoes by claiming that projectile fruits can be lethal." Fuck you. (Daily Beast)

Blah blah blah used and new car prices, with the supply chain and whatnot. Should You Buy Them? I guess if you are in the market for one, you should click and see. (Kelley Blue Book)

The ne plus ultra most clickbait for my soul: The Fine Art of Being a Good Hotel Guest. Now I can die easy and at peace, knowing that I was and am, in fact, a good hotel guest, and it was art. — Food and Wine

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