12 Woodland Creatures With Better Bathing Habits Than Ashton Kutcher. Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 12, 2021

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Washington Post says "Republicans risk becoming face of Delta surge as key governors fight mandates," which is a totally accurate headline if you take out the words "risk" and "becoming." (Washington Post)

Want to read about Beyoncé at age 40? Please do then. (Harper's Bazaar)

The new hosts of "Jeopardy!" are Mayim Bialik and some other guy. Good story, us. (Washington Post)

We've been talking about this, so here is an interview with a sociologist about why the world's conservatives love Hungarian pissant dictator Viktor Orbán so much, and why, in that sociologist's words, he is the "ultimate 21st century dictator." It thoroughly amuses us to realize that this dude who claims the mantle of a new Christian autocracy is, like Donald Trump, barely even a Christian, leading a country where something like nine percent of the population is religious. Also, amusing just how much he's driven Hungary into the ground, just like Trump did with America. Anyway, read it. (New Yorker)

Anne Applebaum's got some words about all that too. (Atlantic)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a message for anti-vaxxers and it is fuck you. (The Hill)

If you put Jim Bakker's miracle blanket on top of your bills, it will pay them for you! Definitely! Blanket costs one thousand dollars. (Joe.My.God)

Book recommendations, from various writers of different types! Includes songwriters! (Radical Reads)

It's hot outside. (Washington Post)

Batman's sidekick Robin is officially into dudes now (yes just now) and loser Trump Nazi Seb Gorka is triggered by that. (Seb Gorka's Twitter)

Want to do a fitness challenge with no equipment required? Want it to be 30 days long? These are the tabs we ACTUALLY have open, and all the political ones above we had to go find and pretend like they were our "tabs" we were going to "read," because the truth is we hate reading the internet and therefore mostly do not do it. (Thrillist)

Ever seen what actually happens to your body in the first days and weeks after you quit smoking? Sure you have, and most smoking cessation programs are garbage and almost seem like they're designed to fail. But hey it's kinda cool, especially if you've actually recently successfully stopped smoking (at least so far!) and you're pretty happy about that, hashtag humblebrag. (Healthline)

Finally, if you are in San Diego, there is a Wonk meetup thingie tonight! Details at Wonkette dot com!

That'll be enough, the end.

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