Sneaky Ways Restaurants Could Be Scamming You On French Fries! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 11, 2021

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Sure, "economic anxiety," but how many of the Capitol rioters have been charged with domestic abuse or sexual battery? Oh, some! (HuffPost)

Art critic Jerry Saltz (one of my favorites!) last month on the pictures of the rioters. — New York mag

James Lankford was distressed watching the cop getting crushed in the door on video at yestertoday's impeachment day two. Sad James Lankford :( (Talking Points Memo) Rick Scott thinks the trial is "a complete waste of time." Sad Medicare frauder :( (NBCNews) Lindsey Graham being disgusting again, I can't even, no link.

Megs McCabe beer-burps some whining about how mean Democrats who are mean to poor Megs McCabe are responsible for Next President Marjorie Taylor Greene, and those mean Democrats should not look at McCabe's very weird hairdo, and I'm no fashion plate and I like "weird," upon which I refuse to comment. — Salon

Texas Rep. Chip Roy thinks that saying Rep. Ron Wright died after contracting COVID-19 is "partisan," because he's a idiot asshole who thinks it's impolite of us to mention someone died of a thing that's killed almost half a million Americans already when Chip Roy doesn't want to acknowledge it kills people. (Washington Post)

Thanks for lifting the mask mandate while simultaneously promising nursing homes, churches, and businesses they're immune from liability, new Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte? Oh did I say thank you? I meant fuck you to hell. — Missoulian

While the CDC says actually, these new variants? Yeah, it's time to DOUBLE THE FUCK UP. (NPR)

Do you love crying? Here is a week-old New York Times story about the good, loving mothers who are cracking under the pandemic pressure. (NYT)

How Corn Pop explains Joe Biden's negotiation strategy. — Bill Scher at Washington Monthly

Hilarious Cat Lawyer? Nah, not hilarious. Let's all read this Reason story, about what sure seems like a baseless drug raid on an innocent woman, who was then railroaded not only into pleading guilty but also into signing a bogus "apology," like the cat lawyer was Dick Cheney and she was the old man he shot in the face. (Reason)

The almost-latest Rudy Giuliani news! Ukraine tries to get Giuliani disbarred. (Oh look it's that boring Time story from yesterday's tabs and it's NOT boring now that it's Your Liz splaining it at Above the Law!)

Aw man, look at these young nerd activists who won some big award from Pierre Omidyar, don't care about him, still mad he paid Glenn Greenwald so much money for so long, they are so SWEET! — Teen Vogue

I don't know if these 11 Valentine's Day Cocktails are delicious or not, but they are so PRETTY! (Liquor)

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