Tragic Details About The Gilligan's Island Cast! Tabs, Thurs., June 3, 2021

Tragic Details About The Gilligan's Island Cast! Tabs, Thurs., June 3, 2021
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Deep breath for Karen Attiah, reporting from Tulsa, where no living survivors of the massacre have received reparations but the city touts a new $465 million public park:

"Do you know about the Red Summer?" [Dwight] Eaton asked, as he started to make one for me. I told him I was only now — an educated American in my 30s —coming to learn about the broad racial terror of the summer of 1919, during which scores of Black people were killed and displaced by White mobs in cities all over America. "Tulsa was the Super Bowl," he said. "But what happened in 1919 was America's regular season."

Washington Post

Biden and Schumer move on from the carrot to the stick. I agree with Amanda Marcotte here that it's extremely worrisome — yes, shaming people makes them more obstinate, not less — but also Manchin and Sinema are fucking dicks. (Salon)

Remember when Kyrsten Sinema was a pro-immigrant activist? Pepperidge Farm remembers. And so does this huge cover in Mother Jones that I have not read but which appears to ask the question "what even the fuck?" — Mother Jones

Which was a good and timely story for them, because yestertoday Sinema was at the border with Texas Senator John Cornyn to plump for their (not that awful, surprisingly, but with a few awful parts of it) "Bipartisan Border Solutions Act," which would get more immigration judges and services, as long as we make sure to put asylum seekers in camps. (AZ Republic)

Oh my god, it's so late and that is four items and I have been drinking deck-wine, WELP it is time to find some more tabs!

Hey, guess who is 27 this morning, it is my sweet son, Tallulah's dad, Jimmy, who does our merch! Happy birthday Jimmy, I will make people buy all the merch!

That is Jimmy, he does the merch.

Look at this punim:

That is a boy who loved his mama. Hi brother John, at left!

Okay, that is birthday pictures! What have I got for TABS!?

AHAHAHAHAAHA TAB!!!! I mean, "oh no, the NFT money laundry has popped, that is sad." (Protos)

NFL pledges to halt "race norming," in other words deciding Black players didn't have brains to injure, so YAY? THANK YOU? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? (AP)


In Texas — IN TEXAS — a girl made ENTIRELY OF BALLS switched out her valedictory for one about abortion rights. IN TEXAS. We love you, Paxton Smith! (D Magazine)

LOL fuck you Yang. And Eric Adams, whoever you are. (I have been paying NOT THAT MUCH attention to the NYC mayor's race except the one million times a week Andrew Yang says something really fucking dumb.)

Kathryn Garcia spent months as a second-tier candidate in the New York mayor's race, a competent administrator but lesser known politician whom Andrew Yang said he'd hire as a deputy mayor.

But an endorsement by The New York Times helped thrust her to the top of the Democratic primary field, and her rivals are turning on her. Yang, a leading candidate, now faults the former city sanitation commissioner for "piles of trash" lining New York's sidewalks. Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president who regularly ranks first or second in the polls, said the city needs a "visionary" instead of a "manager[.]"

I don't actually know a single thing about Kathryn Garcia except I think I read an endorsement by the NYDN maybe? But I think y'all tried a "visionary" and you hated him within a month even though he's a socialist (and the socialists hated him the MOST). And Andrew Yang and Eric Adams can eat some vagina.

Was that rude? (Politico)

Eric Boehlert's got some yelling to do, Media Reading GOP Minds About Trump's "Grip" Again edition. — PressRun

Is Glenn Greenwald the master of manufactured rightwing media outrage? First, gonna take issue with "leftist" in the dek. Okay, read part of it, had to tap out:

"I don't pretend that my life is some avatar of working class values," Greenwald elaborated in an email to The Daily Beast. "I do, though, think that's true of Julio and Jorge. [Some Newsmax dudes or something, don't care.] And that's why I find it so repellent to watch a bunch of coddled, highly paid editors and journalists using a billionaire's money from their $3 million/year office on the 18th floor of a Park Avenue tower to target actual working class journalists doing dangerous reporting about a violent group (Antifa) with which the Intercept ideologically identifies."

Glenn Greenwald had no problem taking upwards of half a million dollars a year from a billionaire to target actual working class journalists — oddly, all of them ever, particularly women, women of color, and male journalists of color unless they too back Trump — until one of his editors wanted him to back up some spurious bullshit with a citation, at which point the One True Journalist decided that was oppression and cancel culture (and also got in the way of his Fox News hits, which are also presumably paid by a billionaire but on a different floor on a different avenue, so you can see that's a different thing).

I don't even have a way to word out my contempt. (Daily Beast)

And that's a fine place to end! Good day!

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