These Celebrity Couples Fell In Love While Filming That Movie You Hated. Tabs, Tues., Aug. 17, 2021

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Disgraced outgoing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered all health care workers in the state to receive at least one coronavirus vaccine shot by September 27. He's right but he's still a dirt bag. (New York Times)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has threatened to revoke the liquor license from any restaurants that require proof of vaccination. Abbott is also a disgrace but unfortunately, he's not going anywhere. (Houston Chronicle)

Recent studies show that two out of ten unvaccinated workers say they'd get vaccinated if their employers would give them time off from work. This is horrific. (Washington Post)

A historic increase in food stamp benefits will start in October, and no, that won't encourage people to qualify for food stamps instead of winning the lottery. (CNN)

David Frum, who literally put words in George W. Bush's mouth, claims that if the US had killed Osama bin Laden in December 2001, we could've avoided the Afghanistan war entirely. It's an interesting What If? though perhaps less plausible than anything on the Disney+ series. (The Atlantic)

Republicans overall blame President Joe Biden for the Afghanistan debacle, conveniently sparing both Bush and Trump. This should only shock the most gullible journalists. (Salon)

It's the end of the world and we probably won't feel fine. Pop songs often lie to us. (The Nation)

In other news, an earthquake is devastating Haiti. (AP)

Tesla's automated driving system might be more dangerous behind the wheel than your grandparents. (NPR)

How did Edgar Allan Poe die? I'd always gone with the rabies theory. (The Daily Beast)

The sad fate of white guys on TV. (Vulture)

Fake meat isn't likely to cause people to stop eating regular, delicious meat. What did they expect? Even Charlotte's Web failed to curb bacon sales. (Mother Jones)

It's burger week in Portland, Oregon! (Eater)

I was offended to read this heresy about Madonna yesterday, and on her birthday no less. For shame, Debra Winger! Madonna is no Elvis! (People)

Madonna sings Sondheim at the 1991 Academy Awards. (Obviously, I'm Breathless is my favorite Madonna album.)

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