Why The Partridge Is Always More Expensive Than The Pear Tree. Tabs, Tues., Dec. 22, 2020

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Joe Biden publicly received the coronavirus vaccine Monday. Good for him. Let’s hope that this encourages people to believe it’s safe. I don’t just mean dopey anti-vax QAnon wackadoodles but members of marginalized groups who are justifiably skeptical. (Politico)

Fox News has Murdoch money and could survive costly defamation suits from the voting machine companies they've helped slime. Trump stooge channels, Newsmax and OAN, could go up in flames if they don't watch their stupid mouths. You love to see it. (New York Times)

An independent investigation revealed that Black members of the Air Force "are treated differently than their White counterparts when it comes to criminal investigations, administrative discipline, job placement, leadership opportunities and educational options.” (Washington Post)


Right-wing creeps stormed a special legislative session at the Oregon Capitol. The spoiled babies were demanding that the governor and Democratic lawmakers end COVID-19 restrictions. (NPR)

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, Joe Gutierrez of Hermiston, Oregon, was hospitalized for 78 days after contracting COVID-19. He is 42 and had no underlying conditions. Like Bing Crosby, I'll be home for Christmas and not just in my dreams. (The Oregonian)

Young men of color — we’re talking 31 years old — are dying from COVID-19 at a disturbing rate. (LA Times)

Gross religious bigot Pat Robertson has hopped off the Trump train. He's confessed before God that Joe Biden is president and believes Trump exist in an "alternate reality." Robertson also thinks the "very erratic" Trump shouldn't run again in 2024: "You've had your day and it's time to move on." Robertson claimed in October that God told him that Trump would win re-election. The voices in his head were lying again, as they do. (Right Wing Watch)

My old Seattle neighborhood, the Central District, is rapidly gentrifying, enough so that longtime Black residents are getting the Karen treatment from white newcomers. The new, Black-owned soul food restaurant, Communion, strives to give Black residents a place they can still feel at home. (Seattle Times)

This story about Fiona Apple’s elementary school classmate will make you cry unless you’re dead inside. (Virginian Pilot)

I must agree with Never Trump conservative Tom Nichols that engaging with President Klan Robe’s dead-end supporters is a waste of time and brain cells. (The Atlantic)

If we've learned one thing about "Trumpism," it is that there is no such thing as "Trumpism." No content anchors it; no program or policy comes from it. No motivating ideology stands behind it, unless we think of general grievance and a hatred of cultural and intellectual elites as an "idea." And when views are incoherent and beliefs are rooted in fantasies, compromise is impossible. Further engagement is not only unwarranted, but it can also become counterproductive.

Offshore oddsmakers had no problem engaging with gullible Trump supporters (i.e. "all of them”) and making a fortune. (Slate)

Ivanka Trump, the living argument against intelligent design, decried "cancel culture” at an early voting event in Georgia Monday. Republicans have claimed (wrongly) that Raphael Warnock is a “Marxist” radical and thus unAmerican. Ivanka’s own garbage father has threatened to cancel Georgia’s governor and secretary of state because they wouldn’t let him steal the election. Girl, please. (The Hill)

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