16 Things Famous People Were Photographed Doing This Week. Tabs, Tues., May 19, 2020

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

I'm sorry Ahmaud Arbery. 2017 vid of cops trying to tase him for not a goddamn reason in the world. (The Guardian)

Trump's war on masks is working, so that's great and also he's a psychopath. — Amanda Marcotte at Slate

'This feels great.' A harrowing nightmare. DO NOT BE THESE PEOPLE. Oh, right, you aren't. (Washington Post)

Trump's cupboards as bare as his echoing skull. (MaddowBlog)

The Graduation Speech I Wrote Before All This Still Works Fine. As always, it's Alexandra Petri at WaPo

Trump says he's taking hydroxybonercream. His doctor word salads some stuff. Wait. No. Don't.

In which Peggy Noonan's last upside down column, about elites vs. workers — she claims, peggily, that the working class wants to reopen the economy while the egghead elite lecture them from behind masks, because she was counting yard signs instead of reading the very clear polling data I guess, is shitteth upon correctly. Thanks, New York mag!

Perhaps you prefer your Peggy Noonan shittings of the Michelle Goldberg variety. New York Times has you covered!

Old tab but wonderful. Day to day with southern white women who hate Trump and are reconsidering their place in the comfortable, safe hierarchy. Miranda's Rebellion. — WaPo

What if the moon forgot to shine? Apparently it did in 1100 AD. (NBC News)

OLD TAB! Mike Pompeo gave Ben Wittes a recipe for fudge a long time ago even while being a dick about it, don't care, so what, BUT: Here's The Recipe Project with an interesting post on recipes "to create alliances and cement friendship." I mean, that isn't what happened there, just to be clear. I just like that thought.

We got ladies tank tops now! They're a soft black "relaxed jersey" from Bella/Canvas before we put all our shit on it. So far they're just on the baby kitten, because that is what I have gotten around to, but email me at rebecca at wonkette dot com if you want me to add them to YOUR preferred Wonkette t-shirt next!


Five creative ways to use boxed cake mix? Food And Wine, that sounds so fun!

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