This YouTube Chef’s Recipes Are So Complex You’ll Order Takeout Instead. Tabs, Tues., Oct. 12, 2021
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Prince Andrew is off the hook again after another investigation into his royal grossness. (ITV)

Tom Cotton and Mitch McConnell joined forces to save the country from Donald Trump. If you believe this, you might enjoy the inevitable Oscar-mugging movie that’s made someday. You probably won’t recognize Christian Bale as McConnell. (Vanity Fair)

Cotton is still an asshole, by the way.

It's “Secretary Buttigieg,” senator.

Anyway, it looks like Republicans are worried that Buttigieg might win over some Fox News viewers so they’re claiming he’s responsible for a “transportation crisis.” (Reuters)

Cotton, of course, is not one of the 19 Republicans who supported the bipartisan infrastructure bill. That’s something you might do if you were genuinely concerned about a “transportation crisis.” (USA Today)

Assistant Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman and acting assistant chief Sean Gallagher reportedly ignored key information that might’ve helped them prepare for January 6. They probably never imagined Trump’s face-eating leopards would turn on them. (Washington Post)

Occasional Georgia resident Herschel Walker has raised $3.7 million in his race to defeat Senator Raphael Warnock next year.(CBS News)

An Illinois woman spent four days in jail because she got a little too close to grizzly bears at Yellowstone National Park. This is literally an issue of distance. It’s nothing freaky. (NPR)

Do humans need to work? That’s a loaded question, as I think we define “work” as performing tasks in exchange for money. I’d argue that this is not necessary for human fulfillment. However, if our basic needs were met, we’d still seek some form of purpose in our lives. Or we’d just sit around in our underwear watching Netflix. Everyone’s different. (The Nation)

Here’s a nice time: Someone discovered a rare live recording of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. (The Atlantic)

I recall the simpler times when the next “Jeopardy!" host wouldn’t have required such intense vetting. (New York Times)

Eric Clapton is a gross racist and anti-vaxxer. His lead guitar on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" still slaps. Artistic genius doesn't necessarily make someone wise. (Rolling Stone)

Somewhat related: Black transgender comedian Dahlia Belle responds to Dave Chappelle’s latest transphobic nonsense. (Willamette Week)

Maybe Chappelle’s latest Netflix special was just him in character as the jerk comic from 1996’s The Nutty Professor?

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