Earwax Causes Hearing And Memory Loss. Here's The Best Way To Get Rid Of It. Tabs., Wed., Feb. 12, 2020


This fucking asshole has been indicted (New York Times) thanks to an investigation prompted by this NY Mag HELLA HORRIFYING LONGREAD. (And of course that psycho runs in the Giuliani/Kerik/Trump/Felix Sater/mafia circles.)

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Trump just firing ERREBODY, for *following the law*. (New York Mag)

And threatening Alex Vindman for disobeying an unlawful order. (Politico)

All four prosecutors resign from the Roger Stone trial after Bill Barr cocks it up for President Rageboner. — Axios

And the US attorney he "promoted," so he could put his own guy in there (again), Jessie Liu? Yeah, she's not promoted anymore. WEIRD. (Axios / NPR)

NBC News reports: Barr takes control of legal matters of interest to Trump, including Stone sentencing. No shit?

The Justice Department's reputation is on life support. No shit too also? (Washington Post)

Trump's billion dollar Death Star — Salon

Los Angeles is doing everything new for this election, focusing on expanding mail voting and early voting and vote centers all over the county where anyone can vote. (Plus some new tablets, and hopefully enough people to show the olds how to use them.) — LA Times

Mick Mulvaney's OMB redacted some fucked up shit. (Some good lies.) (Just Security)

Well OF COURSE Bill Barr's Justice Department will charge Erik Prince, Wall Street Journal! They wouldn't just go around not charging people who commit crimes!

I am a big believer in the Gentlemen's C, or good enough for government work. Which is I did not have to finish reading this essay. And that's okay! I got the gist!

Years of complaints about the Indian Health Service doctor molesting his patients. Now a few life sentences. (WSJ)

Some people bought some books, that's nice. (Washington Post)

Gracious and warm and classy motherfucking remarks from E Dubs, as per usual:

Yang Gang peaces out. (WaPo)

Butte messy. (WaPo some more)

Oh Tennessee Republicans. Always change.

Sure, here is how to a nice Valentine's dinner at home: a crostini, a scampi, a roasted asparagus, a red salad, and a raspberry fool. It looks pretty!

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