One Thing All Liars Have In Common, Brace Yourself! Tabs, Wed., June 24, 2020


Well, Jefferson County, this doesn't seem great.

And an injunction says give everybody vote!

Washington state mandating masks starting ... in three days. And it's already the end of June. Does anybody understand why we're all just doing this NOW? (The Stranger)

Trump's weird coronavirus lies part one million. — Salon

Let's daydream about traveling again! (Travel and Leisure) But not to Europe, they won't let us in because we suck. (New York Times)

The man who helps families while they're IDing their babies murdered in the streets, and some of the families he helped one after another after another after another in Chicago on Father's Day weekend. Get your cry-rags, this is all fucked up. (Daily Beast)

Oh, um, hmmmm. This lady, Dr. Winnie Heartstrong (nee Dr. Winnie Obike), is running for Congress, upset-face-emoji. — Her "citizens investigation" dropbox PDF, "Investigate Deepfake Floyd."

Wouldn't want you to miss Vice's investigation into TAMPONGHAZI from Liz's story yesterday about TAMPONGHAZI. (Vice)

Rep. Katie Porter says a bunch of federal student loans weren't paused in the CARES Act and she's trying to fix it. Money explains the holdup.

Hey Cali, you got lunch plans?

In recent weeks, University Administrators have notified workers that despite strong hospital revenues, receipt of hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal Coronavirus Relief funds, and more than $10 billion in unrestricted cash reserves, it would begin laying off employees. The first notices went out to approximately 200 primarily food service workers at UC San Diego and UC Riverside over the past week. The workers make annual salary of $41,000/per year, and the layoffs are expected to save the $40 billion UC system a total of $1.5 million—or four thousandths of one percent.

AFSCME will be picketing TODAY, "between 12:00 p.m and 1 p.m. Wednesday at UCSD Hillcrest Medical Center, UCSD Jacobs Medical Center, UC Irvine Medical Center, UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, UCLA Santa Monica Hospital, UC San Francisco's Helen Diller Medical Center, and UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento."

They're fucking AFSCME!


Eric Umansky's wife saw a cop car hit a kid on Halloween. Umansky tried to get answers. He learned a lot! None of it good. — ProPublica

The Supreme Court may be tiring of Bill Barr? Oh, Dahlia Lithwick, that would be a shame. (Slate)

Yes, you are showering too much. (The Atlantic)

Let's use up allll your Atlantic tabs this month: OLD TAB on why open floorplans are killing you but that's okay, they've come up with a solution: a second, hidden kitchen to banish the wife to just like in the olden days. (Atlantic)

And this one on how the pandemic is making the suburbs more appealing. Trust me, I get it, I have both grown sons plus small daughter plus granddaughter here now, and four dogs, and Old Dad says he's coming back (he skipped out back to LA), AND we all work at home, I would like 4000 square feet. But also we live in the country, not the suburbs, fuck that. (Atlantic)

The delivery apps are doing for restaurants what Facebook and Craigslist did for newspapers, yay! (Civil Eats)

The green snow of Antarctica, lichens and whatnot sucking up a tiny portion of carbon dioxide. WE WILL ALL BE FINE YOU GUYS! THE LICHEN WILL SAVE US. Or they will make it worse, like the algae blooms in the Caribbean oh well, guess we will see! — Grist

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