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HEY It's Purim! You know what that means: Dance, drink, eat feasts, and give gifts to the poor, ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS! (Wik)

Congress does something, anything (but okay, good yay). "US Senate Approves Bill to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent." — Reuters

We went to permanent Daylight Saving Time under Nixon, and fickle American bitches loved it until they haaaaated it. It didn't even last a full year until Bob Dole ("BOB DOLE") mercy-killed it. (A one percent decrease in energy usage though meant "20,000-30,000 tons of coal not being burned each day." Which does seem relevant.) (Washingtonian)

This lady at Scientific American says Daylight Saving Time fucks up our sleep actually, with not enough light to wake us and too much when our body is like FUCK YALL IM TIRED. (In Montana, it's light till 10 or 11 at night, good luck getting six-year-old heiresses to sleep ever.) Standard Time may not be sexy, but it might be correct.

Regardless of your current COMMENT FIGHTIN on permanent Daylight Saving Time, should we start school later? Yes. NO DISSENTS. (Start School Later)

Dok, what is the fallacy for "every one of your logics directly contradicts your other logics oh it is a Joe Manchin okay." Joe Manchin doesn't think America should help electric vehicles for "many reasons that are a Joe Manchin." — Free link at Washington Post

Haha, Manchin and Sinema won't let us tax the rich for the Child Tax Credit, while they talk about taxing the rich, haha :) (Popular Info)

Windfall profits tax: a high gas prices inflation rebate? Or a Joe Manchin cat toy? It is like David Dayen is reading my brain!

There’s a certain grimness to writing about U.S. public policy these days, in that you have to couch any prescriptions within the realities of our multi-veto-point system and a status quo preserved in amber. When the chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee (Joe Manchin) appears to think that electric-vehicle drivers have to wait in line for a new battery every time they use up their charge, the expectations of achieving anything useful on going green must be severely downgraded.

Regardless, Dayen's gonna make the case for it anyway. The American Prospect

Robert Reich tells you a thing (but you knew it already, it's really for the youngs who are starting out). What's so galling is that my friend Skeith's (gay nephew of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, whose staff used to call him up and beg him to be less publicly gay) mom Melodye once explained to me that she absolutely UNDERSTOOD that it was Republicans' fault Democrats couldn't get anything done, so she was voting Republican so they could get something done. She knew they were holding hostages! So she elected them, for hostages.

Here's Melodye, don't believe that crazy still picture at the beginning, she's gorgeous.

Montana Health and Community guy says the state decided not to take $36 million from the feds to feed hungry families and kids just for this summer because it's "burdensome to administer" and, not kidding, kids can eat at school. In the summer. Unstated at this time, since there were Democrats present, was "wouldn't want anything to get too good for people when a Democrat's president." (Daily Montanan)

Virginia almost passed a gun bill but then haha it didn't! — Virginia Mercury

How fucking scary for these families of trans kids in Texas, how fucking terrible. (Mother Jones)

No, Trump didn't break Democrats' superduperdupermajority of Black American voters; those were bad exit polls, even though there is at least one asshole Black guy who really digs Trump's style, and it is that poor little son of Herschel Walker who keeps making us feel so bad for him everytime he opens his mouth. Brennan Center's Theodore R. Johnson explains the numbers and the hell no at the Bulwark.

Gonna go have a liedown, please send money. Editor-in-chief of Insider makes $600,000 a year, and four dozen top editors there make like $300,000. (Gawker)

Fuck this, fuck that, fuck this other thing too:

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