They're Coming For Your Paper Coffee Cups. Tabs, Wed., March 18, 2020


Elizabeth Warren has some fries strings with that:

How the testing got fucked, and how it's going to get fucked again, real quick. — Julia Ioffe at GQ.

And, while I was finishing reading that, incoming from a friend:

You didn't hear this from a named source, but we at Stanford got an email yesterday from the research lab manager because they're running drastically low on the reagents needed for testing for the virus. S/he was asking campus-wide if anyone had extras of the following: EZ1 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 Qiagen, Catalog # 955134 Maxwell RSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit Promega, catalog# AS1330 RT-PCR Mastermix Superscript III One Step RT-PCR (Life Technologies) Cat. No. 11732-020 Size: 100 reactions Cat. No. 11732-088 Size: 500 reactions Zymo kit for viral RNA/DNA Qiagen RNeasy mini kits RNeasy Plus Micro Kit (x50), cat. 74034 QIAGEN with QIAmp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit (obtained from IRR) QIAGEN QIAcube with QIAmp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit (obtained from IRR)) SMARTScribe Reverse transcriptase (400 Rxn/package) SuperScript™ III Platinum™ One-Step qRT-PCR Kit w/ROX

So if you have any of those lying around, could you let Stanford know? I was sure I had a Catalog # 955134 Maxwell RSC Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit Promeg lying around somewhere.

ProPublica from almost three weeks ago on the CDC being weeeeird about tests.

"I don't know, and obviously"? What is 'Swedish death cleaning' and should you be doing it?

Don't watch this Vanessa Hudgens take on coronavirus, just really don't even. That woman is 31 years old, she should fucking know better. Daily Beast

Hey Grist, is it okay to use single-use plastics and stuff right now, damn the planet? Yes.

Grist: There's a bill to stop lithium batteries in landfills and I don't know what it is, but let's do that.

Alexandra Petri will not leave this bar simply because she is on fire. (Washington Post)

Here are some museums for you to tour virtually, that is nice, you should do that.

Fiona Apple stopped doing cocaine after being trapped with Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson bragging. So, clearly, that's a tab that I have open. (New Yorker)

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