29 Tweets You'll Relate To If You've Pretty Much Given Up On Dating! Tabs, Wed., March 4, 2020

29 Tweets You'll Relate To If You've Pretty Much Given Up On Dating! Tabs, Wed., March 4, 2020

This is not a "good" collection of tabs.

Here's some racists. (SPLC)

Ben Shapiro's Thug Life Boyz would like to make like Tucker Carlson and get physical with some drag queens. (They want to beat up trans people, for the children.) (Media Matters)

Twenty thousand rounds of ammo is perfectly reasonable for man to threaten to shoot up a UPS facility with. — NBC

Trump is all-powerful. Yay! (Daily Beast)

Nah, George Packer at The Atlantic: Brutal idiot threatening weak, venal people isn't genius or finely attuned "instinct." He's just a fucking brutal idiot. Still, I mean, it's a good story about what Trump's done and will do to the institutions.

MSNBC boss personally begged Chris Matthews to quit. Read this if you want to see a bunch of assholes like MIKE FUCKING BARNICLE WHO IS STILL ON TV whining about "cancel culture," and Chris Matthews being a petulant baby, and ONLY HIS WIFE caring enough about him to want to get him off the goddamn television. (DB)

Margaret Sullivan at WaPo says Matthews had to go because he was dull and uninsightful and garbage and dumb.


Trump campaign suing Washington Post's excellent writers Greg Sargent and Paul Waldman for their entirely correct opinion columns now too. (Suit)

Hang on, this concrete floor isn't going to bang on my head all by itself.

Oh, here's a Greg Sargent tab I had open right next to it: Trump's new attack on Biden exposes his own unfitness. Git em, Sargent. (Washington Post)

CDC blocked FDA scientist from the premises. For "security." — Politico

GOP blocking coronavirus bill because it has price controls on future vaccines. — Politico

Politico: Biden vs. Warren tensions mount just as moderates unite.

"I think the media and other politicians are underestimating the unmitigated fury a lot of women — like me — will feel if Warren is forced out because of a massive pressure campaign to intimidate the millions of voters who actually prefer her," said Liat Olenick, a public school teacher and progressive activist in Brooklyn who supports Warren.

I have opinions. I am going to swallow them for a while until I get some cancer, like I probably deserve.

OK I guess I can be happy again, why not.

And one more. Buzzfeed: He knocked 1250 doors for Elizabeth Warren. He thinks the Democratic Party needs a reckoning.

See you later jerks, be nice in the comments, this whole thing's just getting started and everybody's crazy. I love you, goodbye.

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