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Programming note if you missed all this week's programming notes! I have forced vacation days upon Robyn, SER, Dok and Evan all week, and we're now down to this morning's annual recipe hub posts, a fab post by Robyn coming at 9, MAYBE a wrapup news post by me this afternoon MAYBE, and then like one post per day through the weekend, when I will not be working because ANNIVERSARY. (I will totally be working.) See bottom of tabs for info on our Zoom ThanXgiving Party tomorrow night for like an hour! We love you, don't be lonely unless you want to! Now tabs!

Dr. Fauci says close the bars so we can open the schools. Isn't that a lovely dream, Americans sacrificing for the next generation? — Yahoo

Or just do like the White House, and fuck it. White House Planning Holiday Parties Indoors Despite Pandemic Warnings. (ABC)

The vaccine is gonna suck, FYI :( — CNBC

How Minot becamse the COVID capital of North Dakota. Featuring my son's doctor, who he says saved his life! But he is not my son's doctor because my son lives here now, with me, as all children should. (InForum)

America's best-prepared hospital is nearly overwhelmed. (Free post, The Atlantic)

Shy snickered at "gumbo diplomacy," which made me burst into tears because SHUT UP IT'S OUR NEW UN AMBASSADOR.

Jon Chait's excellent splainer on why SHUT UP YOU DELEGITIMIZED TRUMP'S ELECTION FIRST is some stupid bullshits! (New York mag)

Paul Ryan says it would be best for Joe Biden if the Republicans won the Georgia Senate runoff races and kept Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate. In other news, Paul Ryan can get fucked. — Politico

But somehow Rush Limbaugh disagrees. Team Rush! (Crooks & Liars)

EJ Dionne with a calm look at why Democrats Are Always in Disarray. (It's because, like I keep telling you, we're a Big Tent.) — Washington Post

Living legend/birther Orly Taitz, DDS, Esq., thinks Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani might be a little out there. (HuffPost)

Youtube suspends OAN for fake election fraud news, coincidentally right after Trump finally permits GSA Emily to get her shit together. — Axios

Listen to the United Farm Workers.

Rachel was gone, and she left all her stuff behind. (Flathead Beacon crime blotter)

I love the Badger. Everyone loves the Bader. You will love the Badger too. — Sarah Miller at Popula

Hell yeah we're already putting up our Christmas decorations. (LA Times)

Here is your sad lonely pies song, for us to listen to, together!

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