This Couple’s Fairy Tale Romance Was Perfect Except For All The Murders. Tabs, Wed., Sept. 29, 2021
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North Carolina hospitals have fired at least 175 workers who prefer spreading COVID-19 to cashing their paychecks. In fairness, they could also think COVID-19's a hoax or the vaccine turns you into a werewolf. Either way, health care isn't the profession for them. (The Washington Post)

Republicans continue playing dice with the financial universe.

Senator Elizabeth Warren slammed Federal Reserve chair, Jerome H. Powell, as a “dangerous man" and won't support him if the White House nominates him for another term. (The New York Times)

Let's hope the Texas 16-year-old who might've intentionally run over six cyclists with his truck faces some accountability. (Chron)

This prescient article from Kaitlyn Byrd is from August 2020 but the lessons bear repeating. (Dame)

There is no coming comity around the goodness and decency of Joe Biden, just as there was none for the hope and change of Barack Obama's historic victory. The very same Republicans whom Joe Biden invited to speak about his personal character did not let their appreciation of it stop them from attacking voter registration and organizing in Black and brown communities, using the power of their office to impose hunger on the marginalized, or laundering lies to governing bodies and allies to facilitate preemptive war.

This week's record-breaking rain and flooding in Portland, Oregon, makes me very happy that we invested in a french drain for our backyard patio. Yes, I'm a middle-aged man excited about drainage, but in my defense, I was never cool. (The Oregonian)

Who's to blame for record levels of Amazon deforestation? Let's fix it first and then throw a finger-pointing party. (Sky)

I appreciate the growth and change in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, but some residents are rightly concerned about what it means for them. (Greenville News)

We should keep cops out of our schools. (Long Beach News)

No, seriously, New York Post theatre critic Michael Riedel wrote these words ... for real. It's not satire. (New York Post)

But behind the scenes, Broadway people were annoyed. To accuse them of being racist, exclusive and elitist gnawed at them. The theater has been diverse and welcoming of everybody since its beginning. The Greeks started it, and most of them were bisexual. Shakespeare wrote sonnets to men and women. Joe Papp created free Shakespeare in the Park so that every New Yorker, black, white, Hispanic, could be touched by the beauty of Shakespeare.

Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards has extended Louisiana's mask mandate for another four weeks. The COVID-19 outlook in the state has improved, but there's still a need for continued mitigation measures. This is why Virginia shouldn't mess around with some ragamuffin Republican governor. It's a literally life or death choice. (The Advocate)

Did someone say masala pulled pork sandwiches and paneer nachos? (Eater)

Will Smith speaks with Wesley Lowery about life in what Denzel Washington described as "the fuck-it 50s." (GQ)

Why there'll never be another show like "Soul Train." Don Cornelius made my childhood weekends. (NPR)

The NBC classic "Law & Order" is coming back for a 21st season! I know it's copaganda but let's still drink to further ca-chungs! (Chicago Sun-Times)

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