Belarusian People Done With A-Hole President's Sh*t

Widespread marches and demands for Alexander Lukashenko to resign.


WTF Is Happening In Belarus? Well, It's VERY TRUMPY.

Authoritarian shitbags are authoritarian shitbags.


Are George Papadopoulos And Sergei Millian The Two Dumbest Idiots In The Whole Trump-Russia Scandal? Sure Why Not.

Ready for a WONKETTE DICK JOKE DEEP DIVE LONG READ? Well come right here and sit a spell!


Nastya Rybka Is Free! Sort Of! Wait, Y'all Remember Who The F*ck Nastya Rybka Is?

We wish we thought this was a happy ending to a fucked up story, but we're talking about Russia here.


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