'Like Air, I'll Rise.' Wonkagenda For Thurs., July 18, 2019

Trump says more racist stuff, Rand Paul is a cheap jerk, and kiwis cockblock penguins. Your morning news brief!


Wilbur Ross Giving Young Whippersnappers Masterclass In Being A Robber

Don't be discouraged, young jedis! He's got years of practice under his belt.


Hannity Denies Denies Denies Denies. Wonkagenda For Tues., April 17, 2018

Hannity tries to splain his bromance with Michael Cohen, Trump strangles his Russian sanctions in their crib, and Ryan Zinke is a commander of geology! Your morning news brief.

2018 State and Local Elections

Trump's Iowa Supporters Dying Of Dumb-Gasms After Trump Says Something Dumb In Iowa

Trump loves the poor people and the poorly educated people! But EW GROSS NO, they cannot work for him.


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