Oh Were These Election Systems Not Supposed To Be On The Internet? Oh Dear.

Did we mention those systems aren't supposed to be on the internet? That's the bad part.


John Kerry, Uh, Thinks, Uh, Ohio Might Have Been, Uh, Hacked, Uh, In 2004

If you are the editrix's mom who loves him and is demanding to know if we're making fun of the way he talks, the answer is: yes.


Little Rascals Hack Voting Machines Like A Bunch Of Crazy Ivans

They can also get the dirty channels the Boob Tube.


The Right Fails To Unite. Wonkagenda For Mon., Aug. 13, 2018

DC unites against the right, Omarosa still clinging to 15 minutes of fame, and hackers find new ways to break voting machines. Your morning news brief.


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