Wall Street Journal Sooo Bored By Donald Trump's Itty-Bitty Massive Tax Fraud.

Nobody likes taxes, so rich people are allowed to ignore them, DUH.


Guess Who Else In Trumpland Is A Fake Billionaire? Why, It's WILBUR ROSS!!!

If I say, "You have $1 billion!" and you say, "Yes, I do!" I'm an idiot. But you're A LIAR-FUCKING-LIAR.


Did Donald Trump ACCIDENTALLY Forget He Was Related To Eric And Commit Tax Fraud?

Did Donald Trump forget to pay $360,000 to the IRS? OOPSIE!


Rich People Can Be Dumb Mouth-Breathing Fox News Morans, Too

Being worth millions of dollars doesn't immunize you from having political views straight from your crazy uncle's paranoid email.


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