Betsy DeVos Knows Who Needs More Education Moneys, And It Is The NRA!

Go behind the desk and hide, wait until it's safe inside.


MSM Finally Calls A Big Fat Liar A Man Who Fuckin' Lies. Wonkagenda For Thus., Aug. 23, 2018

Trump is screaming and flailing, SO MUCH Michael Cohen shit, and Paris Dennard is a pervert. Your morning news brief.


Hey, About Those Armed Teachers: They Really Need To Stop Shooting Students.

Don't worry, these incidents don't count since Trump's plan hasn't yet gone into effect. Everyone will be just fine when it does.


Trump Announces Gun Plan To Do Absolutely Nothing About Guns (Except Ban Abortion, Probably)

Drug dealers won't be affected by a blue ribbon commission, but mass shooters certainly will.


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