Goodbye, A-Hole (Acting) Navy Sec Thomas Modly, Goodbye!

He is also in coronavirus isolation now, almost like there was coronavirus on that ship where he told the sailors to get fucked and called their captain stupid. HUH.


Ever Had A Staring Contest With A Constipated Turtle? Now You Know How Nancy Pelosi Feels.

Mitch McConnell is proudly supporting a resolution (that will not pass) to CANCEL IMPEACH ON SUNDAY MORNING!


'Vile, Hateful, And Disgusting Things' Wonkagenda For Tues., July 16, 2019

Straight-up racism, 2020 polls and fundraising numbers, and meth-gators. Your morning news brief!


Swing And A HOLY SH*T! Acting Defense Sec Shanahan Out After SWEET JESUS!

Knew this story was coming since January, did jackshit about it. Huh!


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