Elijah Cummings Just Asking SDNY If There's Anybody's Ass He Ought To Beat Right Now (Hint Hint!)​

Jerry Nadler's not the only one pissed at the abrupt and weird end to the SDNY's investigation into Donald Trump's campaign finance crimes.


Michael Cohen Warrant Docs Would Freak Trump The F*ck Out, If Trump Could Read (Allegedly!)

We're not saying he can't read. We're just saying documents like these are way above his pay grade.


UH OH, Jerry Nadler, Did Meatball LIE TO CONGRESS?

Matthew Whitaker went back to visit with the House Judiciary Committee. It was illuminating!


Michael Cohen F*cks Trump, Sends Trump The Dry-Cleaning Bill

Cohen is suing the Trump Organization for unpaid legal fees -- even the ones from AFTER he flipped on Trump. LOL!


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