Elizabeth Warren Wants To Do Socialism To Drugs, And We LOVE It!

Affordable prescriptions? Isn't that somehow illegal?


The Humble Hannity? Your Wonkagenda, November 2, 2016

Donald Trump's pervy sex novel, Bernie Sanders burns big pharma, and a Texas A.G. learns all about Twitter. Your Morning News Brief!


Mississippi Rep. Real Sorry He Told Mom Of Sick Kid To Get Off Her Lazy Taker Ass

Mr. Never Missed A Meal real sorry he didn't care about your sick kid, you lousy deadbeat taker.


Stop Being Ingrates About Needles Already: The Snake Oil Bulletin

Robert DeNiro is planning his very own stupid anti-vaccine "documentary," which he'll be delighted with if it's at least 20 percent accurate. Oh joy. And in Canada, more Worst Parents In the World.


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