Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Kitty Cat Bible Jesus Sh*t Too, Why Won't Media Talk About THAT?

What about all the times she DIDN'T call for Nancy Pelosi to be executed, you ever think about that, HENNGGGGH?


Court Hears 'What Is Definition Of Machinegun' Case, Everybody Murdered With One Still Dead

But is a part 'designed and intended for use converting a weapon into a machinegun' actually turning it into a machine gun? And how many angels on the head of this pin?


Oh No, Has President BrainStupid Said Too Much?????

Highlights from today's dumbass Trump presser include him being a dick to female reporters just because he can.


With Friends Like These. Wonkagenda For Tues., July 17, 2018

Not even Fox & Friends can defend Trump, a gun-humping Russian spy, and House Dems have huge cash haul. Your morning news brief.


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