VINDICATED! Donald Trump Jr. Didn't Do ANY Crimes That One Time! (Perhaps! Allegedly! MAYBE.)

Actually his face is a crime, which means as long as he insists on having it, he's doing crimes.


Does The Treasury Department Have A Teensy Russian Spy Problem? We Are Just Asking!

Russians sexted with Treasury Department officials for secret dirt to hurt Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election, and that's just the beginning of the fuckery.


Roger Stone Maybe 'Bout To Get Indicted, Please Send Money For Commissary IN JAIL

Is it about to be INDICTMENT THIRTY up in here? Mayyyybe!


How Many Trump-Russia Treasons Does Michael Cohen Know About? ALL OF THEM, KATIE!

Cohen is reportedly prepared to tell Robert Mueller that Donald Trump knew all about Junior's Trump Tower treason meeting BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENED.


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