OK GOP Sen. James Lankford Pretty Sure Rain Just God Crying Happy Tears About Abortion Ban

And if it turns into a flood, well we guess God's so happy he's ugly crying.


'No Cave!' Wonkagenda For Tues., Jan. 22, 2019

Trump's shutdown drags on, and Rudy doesn't care what you put on his grave. Your morning news brief!


Let's Go To The Tape! Wonkagenda for May 15, 2017

Why does Trump tape himself, the alt-right rallies (for 10 minutes), and will Spicey get "You're Fired?" Your morning news brief!


Let's Have A Dolly Parton Dance Party, Because #ShesWithHer (Probably)

You come listen to these Dolly Parton songs right now! And also the rest of your Dance Party songs!


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