Are Chuck Todd And Maggie Haberman Gaslighting You About The Mueller Hearings? Click Here To Tell Them To F*ck Off!

Some of us seem to have watched a different hearing from the one others watched.


Is Devin Nunes F*cking One Last Cow To Protect Trump? MOOOOOOO-ybe!

Cow jokes! Cow jokes! Let's do a post of cow jokes! Devin Nunes fuckin' cows jokes! Those are the best of jokes!


James Comey Testifies At Trey Gowdy, Because 2016 WON'T F*CKING DIE

Friday's hearing transcript is out, and ... well goddamn!

2016 Presidential Election

Don't Be Tardy For The Obstruction Party! Wonkagenda For Fri., May 25, 2018

Trump's lawyer crashes the party, North Korean nuclear fallout, and Harvey Weinstein does a perp walk. Your morning news brief.


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