Rick Gates, Fucking Dummy, Tried To Put One Over On Bob Mueller. A Lawsplainer!

What part of 'don't lie to the FBI during your proffer' does Rick Gates not get? Also, what's a proffer? ASKED AND ANSWERED!


Robert Mueller Has Barely Even Begun To Kick Paul Manafort In The Dick

Oh look, it's Paul Manafort running away with bags of money again! Catch him!


Rick Gates Lining Up To Be Robert Mueller's Hot Lunch

Well, if we're looking for a shark we're not going to find him on land.


Tucker Carlson And Glenn Greenwald Prove Horseshoe Theory With Hot New Video 'Two Guys, One Horseshoe'

And in the middle, holding the horseshoe, is Sean Hannity, because duh it always is.


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