Does The Trump Campaign Not Realize Judges Can Actually Read The Mueller Report For Themselves?

Another week, another bullshit LIBELSLANDERS!11! lawsuit from the Trump campaign, this time against the Washington Post.


VINDICATED! Donald Trump Jr. Didn't Do ANY Crimes That One Time! (Perhaps! Allegedly! MAYBE.)

Actually his face is a crime, which means as long as he insists on having it, he's doing crimes.


Ronan Calling. Wonkagenda For Mon., Sept. 24, 2018

Kavanaugh's pecker problems multiply, Trump goes to the UN, and James Woods booted off Twitter. Your morning news brief!


We Think We Know The Real Reason Trump Is Losing His Shit Over The Mueller Investigation Right Now

Mueller isn't just investigating Russians -- he's investigating the Trump family's PERSONAL RUSSIAN BEST FRIENDS.


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