How Many Gay People, Exactly, Would 'Christian' Lawyer Mat Staver Like To Lynch?

The Liberty Counsel demands protections for LGBTQ people be removed from anti-lynching bill.


It's 'Special Rights' When Gay People Want Cake, But Airplane Discount For NRA Is GOD-FUCKING-GIVEN

Georgia simply won't stand for a pipsqueak airline's bowing to liberal pressure. So it'll apply some rightwing pressure instead.


Margaret Cho Should Sue Arizona GOP For Libeling Her As Some Kind Of *Republican*

Asian Americans in the Arizona GOP? Sure, as long as they're fictional characters.

Post-Racial America

Good Mississippi Christians Can't Discriminate Against Yucky Gay Homos No More, Unfair!

A mean federal judge says Mississippi's entire gay-hatin' law is unconstitutional. Does the U.S. Constitution even APPLY to Mississippi?


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