Dear Democrats: THIS Is How You Handle A Full-Of-Sh*t Clownshow Liar Like Corey Lewandowski

Every hearing from this day forward should star Barry Berke, AT THE BEGINNING, GODDAMMIT.


House Dems All Jumping On Impeachment Train Like 'CHOO CHOO, MOTHERF*CKER!'

More than half of House Democrats now support impeachment, despite whatever Pelosi says. Or is it BECAUSE of what Pelosi said?


HHS Demands Stupidest Apology Since ... Mark Meadows, Yesterday

It's the week for people who don't deserve apologies to demand them, so ... what we just said.


INFINITE SCREAMMMMM! Wonkagenda For Fri., March 1, 2019

Jared calls his father-in-law, HHS says no kiddy fiddling in baby jails, and the shitshow at CPAC. Your morning news brief!


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