Let's Meet The Trump Administration's New Acting Secretary Of (Sweatshop) Labor, Peter Pizzella!

A former sweatshop lobbyist will now head the Department of Labor. Of course.


Horse Porn-Loving Trump Racist Wants Chris Collins's Sloppy Seconds

The New York 27th is suddenly looking a lot more blue.


What In The Hell Is Rod Rosenstein Flapping His Yap About?

Rod Rosenstein is sending weird memos, Jared Kushner's businesses are under the microscope, and Mike Pence has lawyered up. It's your Russia news!


Syrians Are Just Dying To Tell You Something! Wonkagenda for Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How Russia stole all our magic Internet points, A New DNC Challenger Appears, and why Tom Delay thinks Obama is racist. Your Daily News Brief!

Post-Racial America

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